Wall it ( ~wallit )

Wall it Studio is an advertising agency that started in South Africa, renowned globally as one of the most competitive countries in the advertising field and we now have an office in Bratislava, Slovakia.

Being a multidisciplinary team of professionals in graphic design, communication and information technology developers, we really dig deep to come up with the most creative solutions for our clients, being eager users of interactive and new technology outcomes, while adapting it to provide the highest ROI/exposure for them on any marketing campaign or brief.

Our primary focus is to support the advertising industry by bringing unique and quantifiable results that have the potential to influence other endeavors. We work in all stages of brand development processes such as visual identity design, editorial design, packaging, website design, corporate communication and art direction.

Through the company`s 14 years of history, our vast portfolio included websites, graphic design, animation, music and voice-overs, layout of newspapers and magazines, trade shows, advertising and direct marketing.

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