How to search the jobs

We offer various search systems. As standard is categories menu and position type. You can use short codes in input area, as follows:


The tag value. You can specify your tag after hashtag (#) sign.


Job type is followed after asterisk (*) sign. Now we support: *contract, *freelance, *full-time, *intern, *part-time


Categories have special character in begining of each category name. You can write circumflex (^) and category name with lowercase and spaces replaced wth dash (-).


Any username has special tilde (~) sign at begining.

@ city, state and country

@city - city start with one at (@) character at begining.

@@state - state start with two at (@@) characters at begining.

@@@country - country start with three at (@@@) characters at begining.

Promo jobs

If you are searching a job, you may pefer promo job, because this type of jobs means there is an urgent need to hire people. We offer to promote any job on the website.


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